The United Church of Christ and Church World Service

 Celebrating 50 Years Together
The United Church of Christ 
            and Church World Service             
 50 years of faithful service together



  “We celebrate with thanksgiving the faithful
participation of the United Church of Christ and
its members in the life of Church World Service.”

The Rev. John L. McCullough         
Executive Director and CEO         
Church World Service         


Since its formation in 1957, the United Church of Christ has worked with Church World Service (founded in 1946) to accompllish more together than it could alone, joining hearts and resources to create a tradition of help and a legacy of hope.

When disaster strikes, Church World Service is the primary agency through which the UCC gives support for rellief and recovery efforts. This assistance may take the form of winterized family tents for Pakistani earthquake surviviors, food packages and tankers full of water for displaced people in violence-torn Darfur, Sudan, or long-term recovery assistance for families affected by hurricanes, tornatos, or flooding across the U.S.

  • The UCC and CWS are empowering grassroots development with neighbors around the world.
  • The UCC and CWS are one in response to, and advocacy about, the ongoing daily disaster of grinding poverty.
  • CWS supported the UCC in thr production of the documentary “Troubled Waters,” highlighting the vulnerability of 1.2 billion people worldwide due to the lack of adequate water and sanitation.
  • CWS and the UCC work together for people-centered policies. UCC members play an important role in CWS’s web-based Speak Out advocacy ministry, making their views known to Congress on issues affecting people in need.

To Support the work we do together:

1. Send gifts payable to your congregation marked for OGHS/CWS with the request they be sent through your Conference office on to Wider Church Ministries.


2. Send gifts, made out to Wider Church Ministries and marked in the memo portion OGHS/CWS to the Office for Global Sharing of Resources; Wider Church  Ministries; 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115.


3 . Make a secure on-line donation by giving to One Great Hour of Sharing.