General Synod delegates and visitors “pay it forward”

blood-drive.jpgKelse Hills of Tell City, Ind., donates blood every eight weeks –– so regularly that when she missed her most recent eight-week mark, the blood center became concerned.

No worries. Kelse was waiting to donate blood during the United Church of Christ General Synod. The American Red Cross collected blood donations from more than 40 delegates and visitors this Friday afternoon, June 26. Donors represented all geographic corners of the denomination, from New England (Connecticut and New Hampshire), the south (we’re looking at you Texas and both Carolinas), and the west (California), among many other states.

Paul Vecchione, Red Cross Area Supervisor, says out-of-town donors are as welcome as local ones. Each pint donated can help up to two people.

Giving blood is a family affair for Hills, who grew up watching her mother, uncles and siblings give. She said, “I give blood because I want to save a life.” In an understatement, she claims that it is a “reasonable thing for me to do.”

Today’s donors included many who were previous donors, here in Ohio or in their hometown, along with some first-timers. For new donors, Vecchione says his staff takes a little extra time to explain the process.

Donors have many reasons for taking time for giving. Hills wants to make sure that when the time comes that she needs blood, someone will have spent some time in a blood drive to help her.

“I’m just paying it forward.”

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