KYP: White Privilege: Let’s Talk

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Let’s Talk about White Privilege

The United Church of Christ is ramping up for the release of  “White Privilege – Let’s Talk,” an adult education curriculum designed to invite members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive and bold conversations on race. A series of free webinars in June offers a preview.

Learn more about the curriculum & webinars >>

Assisting a Bold Step into the Future
How do you be the church in an ever-changing religious climate? The UCC can help churches answer that difficult and intensely personal question.
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Celebrating Church Rebirth
Members of a North St. Louis congregation return to their shuttered church to see how their gifts to a local nonprofit are helping children in their old neighborhood. Read more >>
What do you do to quiet your soul and spirit? We all need something that differentiates work from play and lets the whole body come alive. Listen to the podcast >>
Imperfect Community
Join “Day 1” and featured preacher the Rev. Chase Peeples, minister of Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ in Kansas City, Mo., on Sunday, May 29. His sermon is based on the account of Jesus’ encounter with the centurion in Luke 7:1-10. Listen in to the radio broadcast >>
Faith leaders praise White House transgender protections
Former UCC officer, conference minister show LGBT solidarity during Methodist gathering
UCC national officer Traci Blackmon to deliver 34th Parker Lecture
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In search of sanctuary: A Boston Globe reporter chronicles the pains and joys of a UCC church in deep transition in Massachusetts
New Hampshire church offers blessing of bicycles
Firm’s donation allows Pennsylvania UCC to stay open
Massachusetts church celebrates 225 years of worship
Missouri church homecoming gives former College Hill residents hope for old neighborhood
Maryland church to be rebuilt
Sing-along helps Ohio church aid families in Nicaragua
Massachusetts church welcomes first female senior pastor
Wisconsin church takes time to recognize retiring pastor
New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name
For Native American activists, a new Post poll on Redskins name won’t end their fight
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Pastors, imams and rabbis urge Congress to close gun loopholes for domestic abusers
Methodists try to avoid church split over gay rights
United Methodists create LGBT commission
Five bikers showed up for an anti-Muslim rally. 400 people had another idea
Methodists vote to cut ties with group some consider anti-Israel
Pope Francis weighs in on pedophilia, same-sex marriage, and the refugee crisis
Methodist leader acknowledges struggle to maintain unity
With interfaith Sunday schools, parents don’t have to choose one religion
World Vision president: Treat refugees as guests
Kansas City pastor could face trial as Methodists review gay clergy ban
Top nun pushes for greater role for Catholic women
Commentary: At the commencement services for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, my heart ached
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