KYP: We Stand with Love

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God’s Open Doors

A bold and bright proclamation of inclusivity, emphasized by an extravagant welcome in three languages. That’s how we roll in the UCC.


United We Stand
From protest zones at airports to demonstrations outside the White House, activists publicly condemn President Trump’s ban on refugees. Watch the video >>
Interfaith Solidarity
Called to welcome the stranger, 2,000 faith leaders call for continued support of refugee resettlement. Learn more >>
Policies Impact Vulnerable People
John Dorhauer: I will never again be unaware of the effects of our policies on people who see America as their hope. Read this personal reflection >>
We Stop at Nothing
A broken-down bus doesn’t slow Kansas advocates heading to the D.C. Women’s March, thanks to friends from their host church. Read more >>
Music of Resistance
What spiritually sustains you in times of sorrow and care?
Listen to the podcast >>
Our Bold Vision in Word and Deed
What is the best way for CHHSM Ministries to share the mission of building faith-based health and human service work in the name of Jesus Christ? Join the discussion at the 79th CHHSM Annual Meeting, in Milwaukee, March 2-4. Learn more, register today >>
Faith leaders condemn Trump’s ban on refugees as un-American
UCC churches affirm support for immigrant rights after Trump executive order
Activists push back against Trump clampdown on immigrants and refugees
CT, MA and RI Boards commit to forming new Conference
UCC seeks help from churches to replenish CWS storm supplies
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Religious leaders, groups are appalled by Trump’s immigration orders
Religious leaders react to Trump’s orders on visitors and refugees
UCC GMP: Trump: Not a difference of degree but of category
Minneapolis churches join sanctuary movement
Chicago church sponsored family barred from U.S. entry
Wisconsin home all ready, but refugees can’t come
Florida religious leaders react to travel ban
90 seconds of clergy swapping: UCC video preaches interfaith harmony
Phoenix church offers sanctuary for families facing deportation
Wisconsin women join march in D.C.
Traci Blackmon: Ministry and activism go hand-in-hand
A call to prayer and action for refugees
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People of all faiths reject refugee ban
Pope Francis: You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian
Executive orders on immigration and refugees undermine what we stand for
Canadian PM says mosque shooting a ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’
Trump refugee ban clashes with faith-based groups’ religious missions
Here’s how the world is responding to the Trump ban on refugees
Boy Scouts, reversing century old stance, will allow transgender boys
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