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Use the UCC Toolkit!

Stillspeaking 2.0 Toolkit released to help UCC churches amp up identity online and in local communities.

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A Celebration of Sanctuary
A California congregation has a “Green Card” celebration for a woman they sheltered, in sanctuary, for nearly three years. 
Learn more >>
A Gift of the Holy Spirit
Shared experiences lead to a standing ovation on Mother’s Day in a southern Illinois church. Read more >>
‘Break Free’ from Fossil Fuels
UCC environmental advocates join a global demonstration to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Read more >>
White Privilege
Can the healing that is to come from repairing the damage caused by racism and white privilege inspire us all to see with new eyes what God envisions? Listen to the podcast >>
Standing in Solidarity with Transgender Students
UCC leaders express solidarity with Obama Administration’s ‘significant guidance’ letter regarding Title IX and transgender students. Learn more >>
An open letter to our brothers and sisters in The United Methodist Church
UCC joins call for Wendy’s boycott in support of farmworker justice
Earth Walk helps celebrate congregation’s 150th anniversary
Forging connections one phone call at a time
UCC activists joining global wave of action for climate
Obama appoints UCC transgender leader to presidential council
  More >>
Ecumenical conference explores dynamics of bi-vocational ministry
Ohio church gym keeps young men off the streets
Pennsylvania church confirms three sets of twins on Pentecost
Why a Maine church, land trust are walking circles in the woods
In Montana, ‘We’re the church that feeds the children’
Massachusetts church celebrates 150th anniversary
Faith-based organizations working to bring several dozen Syrian, Burmese refugees to Oregon
Wisconsin pastor finds joy in coffee, nature and his flock
New Jersey church holds forum on plight of refugees
  More >>
Pope Francis: Let’s study idea of ordaining women as deacons
A Methodist culture-war showdown
Greek evangelical leader urges churches to unite in service of refugees
Supreme Court sidesteps constitutional challenge to Obamacare
  More >>
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