KYP: United against Hate

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Taking a Stand in Tennessee

Tennessee counter-protesters outnumber the white supremacists.

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Tennessee interfaith leaders come together against hate and white supremacy.

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A Loving Commitment
Missouri church welcomes a father of five young U.S. citizens into sanctuary. Read more >>
Taking a Knee
A dozen religious leaders of several faith traditions take a knee in prayer at the EPA to underscore the moral implications of ignoring climate change. Learn more >>
Bring Her, Bring Him
Preaching about All Saints Day, addressing the future by talking about the past, the Rev. Paul Tellstrom, senior pastor of Irvine United Congregational Church UCC in Irvine, Calif., is the featured preacher Nov. 6, on “Day 1” radio program. Tune in >>
Always a Good Day for Reformation
The Reformation marked doing church in a new way. What ways does the church need to keep reforming? Watch the video >>
Homage to Maine
Moving stories, an inspiring witness of love in action, and spectacular scenery. Listen to the podcast >>
Vermont church Earth Advocates march on local bank
Journalists link media and social justice at annual Everett C. Parker Lecture
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After hateful comments, Arizona church responds with love
Faith leaders raise their voices in opposing rights of Christian baker in Supreme Court case
Faith leaders ‘Take a Knee’ for creation care and rise to prayer for EPA
UCC leader talks free speech on college campuses
Undocumented immigrant finds sanctuary in Missouri church
Vermont church diversity banner vandalized
Maryland church renovating, raising funds with eye on historic preservation
New building in site for Wisconsin church destroyed by fire
Virginia pastor says church needs to ‘fight for justice’
New York church welcomes new pastor
Faith leaders pray for Pruitt to prevent warming
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‘This movement is evil’: Religious leaders denounce White Lives Matter rallies
Trump reportedly to cut size of Bears Ears, sacred to native tribes
Faith leaders battling white supremacy, Trump
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