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KYP: Thanks, Change, Love

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Sonoma Strong

A UCC congregation in the heart of the path of deadly California wildfires is offering extravagant welcome to evacuated neighbors returning home.

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How to Be the Church in a Rapidly Changing World?
UCC Board talks transformation, innovation and privilege at fall meeting. (Read more) Learn more >>
Not on Our Watch
UCC national leaders, joined by Cleveland pastors, publicly condemn racist posters displayed on billboards at a local university. Learn more, read the ad >>
Totem Pole Blessing
Native Americans and earth care advocates join faith groups at a Seattle church to bless a totem pole marking a significant victory against fossil fuels. Read more >>
God is Still Speaking
How is it you open yourself up to hear anew the voice of a still speaking God? Listen to the podcast >>
Mourning a Pioneer
UCC Volunteer Ministries is saddened by the loss of transformational leader Carl Bade. Learn more >>
UCC advocates applaud block of third Trump travel ban, call for 'heart-change'
A Justice Revival in Milwaukee aims at dismantling white supremacy
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United Church of Christ takes out advertisement criticizing CSU for response to flier
New Hampshire congregation votes to be 'Sanctuary'
Massachusetts church to provide sanctuary for Guatemalan facing deportation
Faith leaders hold Indianapolis summit against white supremacy
UCC minister one of fourteen arrested in Massachusetts deportation protest
Victory against Pacific Northwest coal port fuels fifth annual totem pole journey
Maryland church seeks to go 'Beyond Confederate Monuments and Racist Relatives'
Michigan church serves as movie location
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Amid decline, one Lutheran church strives to live up to its namesake's spirit
Mormons and the Boy Scouts, once joined at the hip, are now heading down different trails
Across from White House, Muslims and allies protest travel ban
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globe.png Around the Globe: Early Partnerships and New Opportunities — Sri Lanka
dove.png Witness for Justice: Deep into the Eye of the Hurricane in the Caribbean
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Clevelanders of faith show up for young people’s Climate Strike Commentary: Supporting our Schools