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KYP: Standing Together for Justice

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Working Together for a Just World

Several UCC congregations, part of a coalition of churches in the Washington, D.C., area, call for release of mother of two detained by ICE in Virginia.

Celebrating Connection and Compassion
UCC clergy mark a milestone where, 50 years ago, a network of clergy came together to help connect women seeking an abortion with doctors who could safely provide them. Read more >>
Partnering for Climate Justice
The UCC Council for Climate Justice affirms a pilot project promoting a partnership between UCC climate justice teams and 350.org. Learn more >>
Love Your Neighbor
UCC Refugee Justice Sunday is coming, June 18. Get ready. #UCCRefugeeJustice Resources available here >>
I Thank You God
Do you still fully embrace the splendor of God's creation all around you? Awaken your ears, open your eyes. Take time to pause, to marvel, and give thanks. Listen to the podcast >>
Do Not Be Afraid...Do Not Be Silent
Check out the latest (new) reflection from the UCC Mental Health Network. Read the blog >>
CHHSM Vice President J. Bennett Guess leaving to become ACLU of Ohio Executive Director
Pennsylvania congregation calls attention to opioid epidemic in highly visible way
Synod resolutions seek to enhance UCC giving model with modern approaches
Faith community speaks out as FCC begins rollback of open internet rules
General Synod resolution seeks national study of gun violence
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Churches, synagogues openly defy Trump immigration crackdown
Maiden voyage approaches for Lakota Youthstay program in Massachusetts
African-American minister to lead historically white congregation in Missouri
50 years ago a network of clergy helped women seeking abortion
The high–quality sex education program on offer from churches
Renovation on burned Vancouver church begins
Central Texas church needs $300,000 in repairs
ICE arrests up in 100 days following Trump's executive order
Wyoming church prepares to celebrate 150 years
Homeless camp moving to UCC Washington church
Dozens walk against hunger in Pennsylvania
Social Justice Park planned by Ohio church
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Trump in Israel, to visit holy sites
Trump urges Mideast nations to drive out 'Islamic extremism'
Black clergy decry Trump policies as detrimental to African-Americans
500-600 gather in Day of Unity on steps of Pennsylvania courthouse
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globe.png Around the Globe: Refugee Kitchen — Hong Kong
dove.png Witness for Justice: The "other" is not actually the problem!
CARD_infinity.png Vital Signs & Statistics: The Retreat to Red and Blue Corners in America's Churches
newarrow.png Changes & Deaths: Ministerial Updates
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