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KYP: Our Cuban Connection

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Connecting with Cuba

An affinity with Cuba and the Cuban people is growing in the UCC, evidenced by interest in the Cuba Study Seminar, a possible General Synod resolution and a 2017 initiative focusing on the Caribbean.

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Just Call Them Cleveland
Two Christian denominations, with the baseball teams of the cities they call home playing in the American League Championship series, call on the Cleveland franchise to change its name and logo. Read more >>
Border Justice
Advocates from twenty UCC congregations across six conferences converged at the U.S-Mexico border to send a powerful message that, as people of faith, we welcome all people. It is time to build bridges and not walls. Watch the video essay >>
Breathe Deep
In this election cycle, a litany of labels leads us to fear the other. Fear asks too much of us to be worth what we give over to it. Drop the labels and 'Breathe deep' the breath of God.
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Looking for Justice Ministry Education?
This Auburn Seminary program might be of interest. Learn more >>
East Coast cleans up after Hurricane Matthew, UCC donations for long-term relief
Traci Blackmon to Parker Lecture: 'Media must place context within narrative'
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Church leaders, prominent architect pressure Cleveland Indians to change name
Canadian activist seeks to ban usage of Cleveland logo in Toronto, churches start social media campaign
Alabama church elects lesbian pastor with a message of inclusion
US election: Some Evangelical leaders begin to question Trump
Why don't bells ring at Illinois church anymore?
Oregon church provides free monthly laundry for the homeless
Pennsylvania church women stitch together fundraiser
After HB2 passed, rainbow flags at a North Carolina church were set on fire
Pennsylvania church organization hosts National Coming Out Day event
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Pope urges protection of 'invisible and voiceless' child migrants
Study ranks incomes of religious groups
Boko Haram frees 21 kidnapped Chibok girls
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dove.png Witness for Justice: "unWelcome to America"
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