KYP: Determination and Revival

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Voices for Justice

Faith leaders revive the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign, launching a national call to address racism, poverty and other systemic injustice.


3 Great Loves
A community Blizzard of Blankets, and plans for a Sock Sunday wrap homeless neighbors in love in Erie, Pa. Learn more >>
Joy and Thanksgiving in New Hampshire
A UCC Indonesian congregation rejoices after a federal judge’s decision halts deportations that could have separated nine families in the church. Read more >>
Religion is not a License to Discriminate
UCC leaders call on U.S. Supreme Court to protect the rights of all people in Cakeshop case. Read more >>
595 Million Gallons of Fresh Water
That’s what the $11,903 raised in the UCC Giving Tuesday campaign will provide to people living in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Thank you to all who gave, exceeding the $10,000 goal. The 595 potable water filters sent with your gifts will not only help meet immediate basic human need, but also be a tangible sign of hope, solidarity and peace of mind while saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from landfills and our oceans. Join the campaign >>
This can be a time for appreciation and reflection. How will you spend the next four weeks in anticipation of the coming of the Christ child? Listen to the podcast >>
UCC DC staff warns against ‘harmful’ tax cut bill up for Senate debate
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Faith on the Frontlines looks at the clergy movement taking on white supremacy
Ministers look to revive Martin Luther King’s 1968 poverty campaign
Pennsylvania demonstrators march in prayer walk to protest Mariner East 2 pipeline
Resisting Trump, North Carolina churches give sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation
Vermont church lends a hand at Busy Bubble laundromat
Two congregations joyfully share space in Michigan
Missouri church teaches kids mindfulness
Illinois churches learn how to stay safe
Construction underway at Wisconsin church
After 25 years on the culture war’s front lines, this prominent pastor-activist thinks liberals are winning
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Opponents in LGBT case agree: It’s not about wedding cake
Bill that would allow churches to receive FEMA aid advances in Congress
New generation of transgender Americans wants to change laws, not just minds
Europe’s Muslim population growing — but won’t be a majority anytime soon
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