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Accessing Irma's Impact
Assessing Irma’s Impact

United Church of Disaster Ministries will be reaching out to clergy and congregations across the entire peninsula of South Florida to assess the damage left behind by Hurricane Irma.

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A Florida family displaced by Hurricane Irma finds home at Ohio church on Sunday.


Home After Harvey
Home After Harvey
A Houston-area congregation, flooded out by Hurricane Harvey, returns to their church for Sunday service. Watch the video >>
Preparing for Disaster
Preparing for Disaster
Join members of the UCC Disaster Ministries team Wednesday Sept. 13 at 1:00 PM ET in a live webinar to learn more about response and recovery – the training and preparation for just such a moment as this in Texas, Florida and beyond. Learn more – register today >>
Denouncing White Supremacy
UCC leaders join with faith community to denounce DACA decision and white supremacy. Read more about the Declaration >>
Be the Change in the World
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an ecumenical program that will help participants create sustainable businesses that counter systemic poverty. Learn more about the Adese Fellowship – application deadline Sept. 15 >>
Church Building and Loan Fund
World Communion Sunday
Disaster Ministries launches Hurricane Irma appeal, immersed in Harvey recovery
UCC president supports statements of North Carolina pastor who denounced white supremacy
UCC leaders saddened, angered by DACA elimination
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National UCC leaders support Lee
The reverend who preached against hate while Nazis marched
Robert E. Lee descendant and pastor: Backlash over racial justice comments cost him health, job
Arizona faith leaders call for political action to protect DREAMers
How has the deadly white supremacist rally changed Charlottesville?
Three southern New England Conferences leaders, as one team, engage consultant
United Church Homes plans expansion at Ohio community
Lee relative who denounced white supremacy resigns as pastor of N.C. church
Community shows support of New Hampshire immigrants facing uncertainty
Michigan churches support undocumented immigrants amid DACA debate
North Carolina DACA, sanctuary recipients plan roundtable
Michigan faith leaders weigh civil disobedience to counter immigration crackdown
Wisconsin church peace garden built by students
Illinois church welcomes new pastor
Two centuries on, Ohio church continues to grow
Group of churches uniting for racial harmony and justice grows in Missouri
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Pope urges forgiveness in Colombia after decades of conflict
Washington National Cathedral to remove windows honoring confederate generals
Religious leaders overwhelmingly condemn Trump ending DACA
Faith groups provide the bulk of disaster recovery, in coordination with FEMA
Pope tells pro-life Trump to keep DACA in place
Pope Francis on climate change denial: ‘man is stupid’
In case of emergency: Revolutionary love
White Christians are now a minority in the U.S.
Survey reveals pastors’ spouses experiences
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2017 Advent Devotional
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dove.png Witness for Justice: Where is the Hope?
CARD_infinity.png Vital Signs & Statistics: Do Clergy Increase End-of-life Costs of Care?
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