KYP: Faith Over Firearms

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Adese Fellows
Gun Violence Prevention Now
UCC clergy support student memorial demonstrations in national call for gun control, and prepare for March for Our Lives participation on Saturday. Learn more >>
Gone to the Dogs
Pennsylvania congregation’s Pet Therapy program is a perfect 3 Great Loves ministry. Read more >>
Courageous Discipleship
Michigan congregation welcomes woman facing deportation into sanctuary. Learn more >>
Aid for the USVI
A significant grant assists ecumenical hurricane recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more >>
God Gives the Desolate a Home
A moving story of our faith that came alive in a church anniversary celebration.  Listen to the podcast >>
Ad for Ecumenical Advocacy Days
UCC Counsel warns that housing allowance may end
Adese Fellows build new future
  More >>
Woman facing deportation finds sanctuary in Michigan church
Help for nuisance garage owners is being organized by Iowa pastor
Maryland church to reopen after 2013 fire
Ohio church ‘reopens’ food pantry
Historic Connecticut church makes musical comeback
UCC volunteers travel to Ecuador on people-to-people mission
Maine team returns from medical mission to Honduras
  More >>
New York churches ‘Let’s talk Race’ series begins next month
San Diego bishop calls border wall prototypes ‘grotesque’
Florida women finding their voices as religious leaders
John Pavlovitz, digital pastor of the resistance, pitches a bigger Christian tent
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dove.png Witness for Justice: The Snake: Anti-Immigrant Propaganda Used to Dehumanize Our Neighbors
CARD_infinity.png Vital Signs & Statistics: The Green Denomination?
newarrow.png Changes & Deaths: Ministerial Updates
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