KYP: Drowning out Hate

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Faith and Love Win the Day

Love and compassion drown out racial hatred and white supremacy in Boston.


Preparing for President Trump
The progressive Protestant leadership in Arizona unites in advance of President Donald Trump’s visit to Phoenix tonight, as UCC faith communities and the Southwest Conference organize an assembly of love and justice. Learn more >>
Stop White Supremacy
Check this new source of information and resources to confront and take action against white supremacy. Read more >>
The Urgency of our Times
UCC theologians and seminary leaders issue a united call to all Christians to take on racism and end white privilege. Read more >>
C’mon People Now
Standing proud in Boston. Drowning out hatred with love and compassion. Listen to the podcast >>
A Love-Fueled Ministry
A group of church women in Washington show love and compassion during vigils outside an ICE Detention Center. Read more >>
Standing for DACA
UCC immigration activists are arrested when they take the fight for immigrant youth to the White House. Read more >>
Ministers’ Financial Vitality Initiative
Check out the new program by The Pension Boards that empowers UCC ministers with financial tools and strategies to manage their personal and educational debt so they can serve their ministries more effectively. Read more >>
Rev. Traci Blackmon calling for action against white supremacy
A week after Charlottesville, UCC clergy ready for Boston
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Traci Blackmon: Trump is lying about Charlottesville
John Dorhauer: Boston protest ‘an amazing display of Americans hungry for justice’
Traci Blackmon outlines the way forward for anti-racists
Fallout over Trump’s defense of white nationalists
Charlottesville residents recall horror of car attack: ‘Bodies writhing, blood everywhere’
Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacy in Charlottesville
Rev. Traci Blackmon calls out Trump’s blatant lies about Charlottesville
UCC president who marched in Boston sees U.S. race relations improving
Faith leaders on the front line in Charlottesville
New Hampshire Indonesians face deportation
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Fear, resolve and more security at Charlottesville synagogue
Faith leaders speak against ‘evil of racism, white supremacy and neo-nazism’
Religious leaders react to the violence in Charlottesville
In the U.S., black clergy call for churches to foster healing
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