KYP: Called to serve in numerous ways

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California Mudslide
Offering Pastoral Care

A California pastor, displaced by wildfires, is called to serve a community of close friends stricken by mudslides.


Reimagining Theological Education
Let’s Talk Theological Formation
Registration for the UCC summit, ‘From the Ground Up: Re-imagining Theological Formation’, April 9-10 in Cleveland, is now open to interested participants across the life of the church. Register today! >>
New York Immigration Protest
Clashing with ICE in NY
UCC advocates in New York protest pending deportation of nationally-known immigrant rights activist. Read more >>
Defending the Dreamers
Michigan clergy demand protection for Dreamers as the federal lawmakers wrestle with DACA issue in D.C. Learn more >>
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
As we celebrate the life of the dreamer, are we sufficiently motivated by King’s dream to dismantle the systems that continue to advantage some people over others? Listen to the podcast >>
Words of Understanding, not Racism
UCC leaders strongly condemn Trump’s racist profanity, seek apology from the president. Read their statement >>
New York church, U.S. family rallying to keep Haitian immigrant from deportation.
Nebraska church reaches out to immigrants with welcome, education, resources
UCC mourns justice advocate Juanita Helphrey
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Chicago church holds march on eve of MLK Day: ‘It’s incumbent for us to all stand up for peace right now’
More churches are opening their doors to undocumented immigrants facing deportation
West Michigan faith leaders and activists demand clean ‘Dreamer’ act
Sanctuary churches take in immigrants and take on Trump
Activist says MLK message more important than ever
City approves rezoning for historic Louisiana church
The environmental justice movement felt the heat in 2017
MLK JR/Wyoming Equality Day draws marchers, calls to service
Indiana pastor talks race, labor and activism at MLK Day conference
UCC minister recognized for impact of 40-year career
King remembered in Illinois for his commitment to education, prayer and and civil rights
Massachusetts pastor retires
Oregon concert to benefit student work-study trip to Peru
Cornerstone Fund study finds much uncertainty in 2018 charitable giving
State legislators join nonviolent training event at Vermont church
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On King holiday, religious groups look to 50th anniversary of assassination
‘These words are not of Christ’: Sunday sermons take on Trump’s reported vulgarity
Trump’s alleged ‘s***hole’ remark seems to discomfit some of his evangelical advisers
Mormons pay tribute to LDS leader Monson
Pennsylvania Presbyterian churches oppose chemical plant
Evangelical chaplain’s suspension intensifies denomination’s gay marriage debate
Missouri GOP wants to eliminate marriages for everyone unless they’re done in a church
North Korea worst place for Christian persecution
Church to thieves: Give us our bell back and all will be forgiven
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New Lent Devotional
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