KYP: Building Bridges in California

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A Bold Show of Support

Clergy in California applaud August named the state’s first ‘Muslim Appreciation Month.’

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Our Faith, Our Vote
Your vote is your voice! This election year, equip your congregation and community to make informed decisions at the polls with resources from the UCC Our Faith Our Vote Toolkit. Order your free toolkit today >>
Name that Youth Group
Calling all UCC/DOC youth 13-18 who care about climate change! You’ve created a new group to encourage action to save the Earth through social media and it needs a name. Come up with the catchiest, and win a $50 iTunes gift card. Enter now – Contest deadline Aug. 19! >>
Build on your church’s passion for mission by connecting your congregation with the global work of the church. Come to Indianapolis the weekend of Aug. 26-28 to develop tools for sharing God’s mission in the world. Learn more >>
What If…
Do you often contemplate how your life would be different if you chose another path? There is a trick to making the right choices in life. Listen to the podcast >>
Did You Send Your Feedback?
There are still a few days to share your thoughts with the UCC Board on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes. Take this survey today. Deadline Aug. 16 >>
UCC micro-lenders surpass milestone, sending $100K to Kiva
Former North Dakota, Michigan conference minister passes at 81
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A North Carolina church redefines ‘open and affirming’
Michigan interfaith event helps ‘build a bridge’
Reverend at first Charleston Pride worship service: ‘The true religion is love’
UCC’s Hoyleton Ministries Celebrates Couple’s Journey from Foster Care to Adoption
UCC minister: Lessons learned – love your neighbors, don’t blame them
North Carolina group encourages people to face their own racism
Massachusetts church Honduras Project sends more than 200 poor children to school
Ohio church puts Safety Town on the map for kids
Oklahoma coalition calls for national immigration reform
Ohio church group visits with refugees in Toledo
Illinois church torn down brick by brick for condo project
Pennsylvania church vandalized three times
Maryland community conflicted over emergency shelter site for homeless families
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Voter registration on faith groups’ to-do lists
Methodists face schism over gay clergy
The refugee Olympians in Rio
Ibtihaj Muhammad: First US Olympian to compete in hijab
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