KYP: Advocating Extravagant Welcome

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Supporting the Stranger

Two Chicago United Church of Christ congregations assisting Syrian refugees experience very different outcomes.


You Can Make a Difference

Best practices to amplify the UCC’s voice for progressive Christianity.

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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

A UCC partner in Jerusalem expresses concern about new executive decisions impacting immigrants and refugees.

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Bring a Toy or Treat to Synod
In service to our best friends, support the General Synod service project dedicated to animals. Learn more >>
Last chance for Free Website Setup
Get a new website for your church created by UCC web partner Ministry Designs and save on setup costs. Offer expires in just a few days, so act now >>
Today’s the Day!
Inviting all ordained, licensed, commissioned, and privilege of call ministers and Members in Discernment to take the Clergy Wellbeing Survey. Find out how to participate >>
WISE about Mental Health?
Understand the challenges and help reduce the stigma about mental illness in our society. Equip your congregation with the resources to develop a mental health ministry at the first UCC WISE (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaged) Conference on Mental Health, Friday, March 31, in Omaha, Neb. Learn more, register today >>
A Year Later
Giving into grief honors the life of a loved one lost.
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Living out radical hospitality with a welcome for newly nationalized U.S. citizens
Kansas lesbian pastor finding a home in the UCC
Optional dining events available during General Synod 2017
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County leaders in California rally for immigrant rights
Wisconsin community starts chapter of organization supporting LGBTQ people
Montana LGBTQ organizations meet to unify community
Colorado pastor born in Syria: Know each other’s story and you’ll never have an enemy
Faith communities search for tools of resistance
Honey, soap and towels: Signs of welcome a refugee family won’t see
Number of female pastors grows, but still lags men
Kentucky church hands out coats to homeless people
Oklahoma community leaders respond to Trump’s immigration order
Ex-convict brings hope to a north St. Louis neighborhood
Connecticut church roof collapse not slowing outreach
Recently declared sanctuary church in Arizona prepares for undocumented arrivals
Laundry Love program provides essential service for free in Illinois
Idaho community standing with immigrants
Minnesota leaders speak out against pause in travel
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Trump vows to let churches engage in politics
‘Rings of Peace’ Surround Canada’s Mosques In Wake Of Deadly Attack
Trump’s move to protect LGBT workers unsettles religious conservatives
Christian leaders to Trump: We’re praying for you, but . . .
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