JPANet March 2008 Newsletter

Check out the new Coffee Chronicles:

Coffee Chronicles: Talkin’ Coffee and Other Fair Trade Products, Issue I is the brand new electronic newsletter of the UCC Coffee Project. Check out this first, February 2008, issue on-line for news of immersion trips to coffee growing regions, news of a congregation joining the UCC Coffee Project, and just news of how your congregation can get involved. This publication is created by Mike Rowe, Justice and Witness Ministries Board Member with a passion for justice and fair trade.

Calming The Storm

Advocates from churches around the country are invited to attend the Churches for Middle East Peace 2008 Advocacy Conference, “Calming the Storm: Middle East Peacemaking in a Turbulent Time.” This ecumenical conference will focus on US policy and Middle East peacemaking with speakers, workshops, advocacy preparation and a day of lobbying your elected officials. The program will begin on Sunday evening and conclude with Tuesday’s Hill appointments and will include a special session for denominational gatherings. For more information see:

A question for candidates running for federal office:

One quarter of all jobs in the U.S. pay wages so low that a full-time worker earns too little to keep a family out of poverty. Forming a union is one important way for workers to improve their jobs and obtain a voice on the job. But current U.S. law makes this very difficult.  The Employee Free Choice Act (House bill #800, Senate bill #1041) would strengthen workers’ right to organize and toughen penalties for firms that engage in illegal activities to prevent this. 
Do you support passage of the Employee Free Choice Act?

Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)

WAND has recently released the second edition of a curriculum for people of faith, Faith Seeking Peace, which addresses issues such as federal budget priorities, the cost of war, terrorism, and peacemaking from a Christian perspective. As a pre-event to Ecumenical Advocacy Days, WAND will offer a Facilitator Training at their National Office on Capitol Hill (322 4th St. NE Washington, DC) on Friday, March 7th, from 8:30am -12:30pm.  The purpose of this training is to equip clergy, lay leaders, and peace-faith-feminism organizations interested in distributing or facilitating the Faith Seeking Peace curriculum in a congregational or organizational setting. To register contact:

Ask Candidates Running for Congress and President about the Future of the No Child Left Behind Act:

Now, while the No Child Left Behind Act reauthorization has been delayed in Congress, is a good time to pose questions to candidates about No Child Left Behind’s important justice issues.  Here are examples:

  • What should be the federal government’s role in funding the mandates of No Child Left Behind?
  • As we are realizing that the pressure of standardized testing under No Child Left Behind has narrowed the curriculum in many schools, would you tell us what you think a school’s curriculum should cover and which aspects of a child’s development are most important for schools to develop—academic, civic, ethical, physical, psychological?

These questions are taken from a set of three coordinated resources from the National Council of Churches Committee on Public Education, resources posted on our Rethinking No Child Left Behind web page

Lobby Day 2008: Talking to Congress about Transgender Lives

Do you believe elected officials need to hear directly from transgender people about the bills and issues that impact our lives? Participating in Lobby Day 2008, including the training, policy briefing and rally, is free. Please register in advance so that we can plan for your participation and make sure that you are able to meet with your member of Congress.  Click for more information and to register today!

Participate in Colombia’s Days of Prayer and Action 2008

Mark your calendars on April 27 and 28, 2008 for this year’s Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia. On April 27th, congregations across the United States and Canada will gather to pray and remember our sisters and brothers in Colombia who work for peace. On April 28th, advocates will go to their Members of Congress with concrete requests for how they can help create peace in Colombia.

New National Council of Churches Resources

The National Council of Churches have a couple of new resources available.  Our 2008 Earth Day resource, “The Poverty of Global Climate Change” is available, both online and in print form.  Also, our paper “Climate and Church: How Global Climate Change Will Impact Core Church Ministries” is also ready to go.  Visit our website for more information and registration-

Witness for Justice

Tired of reading Op-Ed pieces that don’t support your opinions on issues which matter to you?  Are you looking for faith and justice commentaries formed out of our nation’s social ills?  Then check out the latest JWM’s Witness for Justice Articles by clicking onto this link:

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