Episode 44: We Stand with Love

I have never let myself go public with political choices.

People make assumptions based on my stances on a number of issues that matter to me. More often than not, they would be wrong. Even saying that is going to lead many of you to draw the wrong conclusion.

In respect for the clear separation of Church and state, a principal I whole-heartedly believe in, I have worked hard to never disclose my political affiliations. It would be an abuse of my office and the power it affords me.

Having said that, I want to support an effort being made by an organization I have very close ties to: The Center for Progressive Renewal. If you don’t know them, they facilitate growth and development strategies for new and renewing churches. It is a valued asset for my denomination.

They recently launched a campaign intended to affect a meaningful outcome in the upcoming election. Before we all draw the wrong conclusion and assume that in supporting this initiative I have compromised my commitment to the separation of church and state, let me share with you what this campaign intends as an outcome.

We stand with love.

That’s it.

We stand with love.

Tired of political rhetoric that casts aspersions on immigrants, uses the poor as bargaining chips, cultivates relationships with those who have the deepest pockets, tries to outdo opponents in commitments to getting tough on crime, and redefines what family values mean: this simple phrase invites us all to drown out the noise and focus on the centrality of love.

It’s biblical.

It’s humanitarian.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity and enormous in its scope.

We stand with love.

I will begin filtering the political noise I hear through the lens of love. What one says about immigrants, about taxes, about welfare, about health care, about our enemies, about foreign policy must be consistent to what love asks of me.

I like this approach to my electoral responsibilities.

I can get behind this campaign: a simple, dignified way to filter out the noise that is election politics.

Jesus said the entire law could be reduced to this: love your sacred with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.

In a world where political opponents pander to the rich and have little use for the vulnerable, where is love to be found?

I will keep my eye open for that. I pray you do to.

Let us all stand with love. Let our commitments to share love with friend and foe alike, with family and with foreigner, engage our political sensitivities in such a way that our choices reflect this. May you too stand with love on your journey Into the Mystic.

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