Inspiring the Youth Vote in Milwaukee


Plymouth Church in Milwaukee is working hard to make sure that every voice is heard in this election. They’ve teamed up with a local nonprofit, Pathfinders, to ensure that homeless and vulnerable youth know that their vote matters.

Following their voter registration and education sessions, Plymouth and Pathfinders decided to have some fun with their get out the vote efforts.

They held a special “Voter Jeopardy” night. Twenty young people divided into two teams to face off with various facts, laws, amendments, election 2016 questions and terms regarding voting.


Some examples:

This amendment gave Blacks the right to vote.
What is the 15th amendment?”


Who is the democratic candidate in the 2016 election?
Who is Hillary Clinton?”

According to Rev. Andrew Waner, “[the] youth were really into the group work and group effort in brainstorming the answers and praised each other a lot for what they already knew and also what they were learning. One of our AmeriCorps volunteers, Da’Mario, presented as the host and brought a lot of excitement to the game.”

“As we prepared the meal and ice cream fixings youth became more excited and had what seemed to be a beautiful time socializing and being really glad they engaged in group at the Drop-In Center.”

Plymouth Church and Pathfinders are teaming up for another GOTV event on November 1st. They plan to host a dinner and basket game at the church. Asked what they hope to achieve through these programs, Rev. Waner replied –

“Together we can make sure homeless young adults are not disenfranchised.”

In Milwaukee and want to help? Contact Rev. Warner.

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