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Tips to keep relationships healthy while sheltering in place

  • Take care of yourself. If you are well-cared for, you will be a better partner, parent, sibling, caregiver, roommate, etc
  • Turn off the media. While keeping informed can be helpful, too much media consumption can create emotional distance in relationships.
  • Communicate ways you’d like to receive safe, nurturing touch. If you live alone, consider bubble baths, fuzzy blankets, or using a muscle roller massage stick or back scratcher for sensation on your skin.
  • Take turns deciding which game to play, movie to watch, route to take on your walk, what to bake, etc.
  • Share love in as many ways as you can. Tell the people you love that you do. Loving increases love in the world!
  • Find ways to have alone time. Some people need more than others.
  • Institute a daily spiritual practice or quiet time for reflection and rest.
  • Use online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts to connect with loved ones on a regular basis.
  • Take time for honest check-ins about how you are feeling. 
  • Focus on gratitude daily. For what are you grateful in your partner/child/parent/roommate?

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