Theology of Hospitality

The General Minister and President and The Stillspeaking Initiative are pleased to convey the following

We, the steering committee members of Confessing Christ, offer this modest essay in the form of a letter to the church. We hope that it may provide further theological dimensions to our denomination’s recent efforts to reach out to the world. It attempts to ground the hospitality that the United Church of Christ has been celebrating in our ecumenical heritage and to give it further specificity so that its uniquely Christian nature becomes clear. It could function as a theological resource for “stillspeaking” congregations and other groups in our denomination…

These small pieces are intended to be our gift to the church, a gift intended to invite and stimulate theological reflection informed by our common Christian heritage. They are the fruit of a lengthy and passionate theological conversation among our membership.

Yours in Christ,

Lee Barrett,
Convener of the Steering Committee, Confessing Christ

Statement on Christian Hospitality [pdf]

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