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What is the difference between a donation to the offering and endowment fund?

In general, a donation to the offering is for immediate use. A donor can choose to add their donation to an existing account that supports a particular purpose (disasters) or may make an “unrestricted” gift that can be used as the church deems best, according to ministry guidelines (OGHS).

Donations made to an “endowment” means the donated money is kept forever in an interest-bearing account, and only the interest may be spent.

The One Great Hour of Sharing Endowment Fund is not intended to compete with the regular annual giving of congregations or individuals nor to diminish the opportunities for responsible stewardship in the present or in the future. Rather it is to enable long-term stability for the UCC’s systemic and relational participation in disaster recovery, sustainable development and refugee relief.

What will the funds to the endowment fund support?

Funds to the endowment fund will support the same initiatives as the offering itself. However the intent of the endowment fund is to create: Durability, Legacy, Perpetuate Gifts, A Firm Foundation, and Personal Satisfaction.

  • Durability
    The idea of creating a perpetual stream of financial support is needed to ensure the ministries supported by One Great Hour of sharing can remain forever part of the church. The funds raised are guarded and invested separately from other assets so the principal of the fund will stay intact.
  • A Positive Legacy
    When donors attach their names to an endowment fund or make gifts to the endowment, they create an enduring legacy that will outlive themselves and influence succeeding generations. Other family members and friends will be reminded of the person’s values and commitments. Endowment funds can also be used to honor the lives of others who have made a significant impact on the donor and/or the church.
  • Perpetuate Gifts
    Many persons see an endowment fund as a means to increase their own regular giving.  For example, an endowment fund of $20,000 could create an annual “gift” of $800 – $1,000 forever.  Creating or contributing to an endowment fund enables you to “leave your mark” and strengthen the church or a specific area of ministry.
  • A Firm Foundation
    UCC Endowments are properly invested in diversified long-term, socially responsible assets that provide maximum return and minimal risk.  An OGHS Endowment Fund Policy was created to provide appropriate stewardship.  Annual payouts from the funds permits OGHS to plan more confidently for the future. Said simply, a strong endowment fund makes OGHS stable financially.
  • Personal Satisfaction
    There is something wonderfully fulfilling about doing good that lasts, something that really makes a difference.  Other kinds of giving are important and rewarding, and creating or adding to a fund that will benefit others for decades, even centuries, can be truly satisfying.

What is the purpose of the Endowment fund?

The OGHS Endowment fund provides hope for individuals and communities into the future:


Whether fleeing violence, natural disaster, or simply struggling to put food on the table, parents in every nation want their children to be safe, nourished, and offered a chance for a better future. One Great Hour of Sharing provides relief to regions impacted by disaster, violence, poverty and injustice and the endowment fund will allow such relief to continue well into the future.


Beyond providing the immediate relief of food, water, shelter and recovery supplies, One Great Hour Sharing helps communities develop long-term and sustainable solutions in healthcare, education and agriculture. The One Great Hour of Sharing Endowment, in turn, sustains that long-term perspective to bring hope to generations around the globe.


Your commitment to the One Great Hour of Sharing Endowment helps to ensure the future — of families, of communities, and of God’s work among “the least of these.”  Where there is need, One Great Hour of Sharing will be there — with your help.

How will the OGHS Endowment Fund recognize major donors?

All donors will be acknowledged and receipted immediately. The United Church of Christ will recognize individuals whose cumulative gifts and pledges to the endowment total $10,000 or more with a special celebration dinner in honor of reaching its goal. The celebration will be held March/April 2018, and will either celebrate the goal or attempt to reach it through the event.  Donors above $5,000 will be listed as donors on the website with donor’s previous consent. Donors to the endowment fund will also be notified of upcoming OGHS educational trips that highlight the work of One Great Hour of Sharing.

How can I contribute to the OGHS Endowment Fund?

Gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing Endowment Fund may come in a variety of forms, including stocks, bonds, real estate, tangible property, cash (check and credit cards). All bequests and gifts received in any form shall be converted to cash at its fair market value as soon as is practical.  All gifts designated for the One Great Hour of Sharing Endowment Fund shall be used for the purposes set forth.

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