Activity Handout

Youth Activity #2: In Another’s Shoes
Family Descriptions Handout

Family 1: Family of one adult and 3 children

Adult 1:
Wages: $7.00 per hour; shifts vary, some weeks 25 hours, some weeks 30
Benefits: No health insurance or vacation time
1 child is under 5 and needs daycare
1 child has asthma
Family lives in a 1 bedroom apartment with a small yard.

Family 2: Family of two adults and 1 school-aged child, 2 dogs

Adult 1:
Wages: $35 per hour; 40 hours per week
Benefits: Health insurance, including dental and vision care, 4 weeks vacation time, 2 weeks sick time
Adult 2:
Wages: $22 per hour; 20 hours per week
Family lives in a 3 bedroom home with a yard.

Family 3: Family of 2 adults, 2 adult children (one of them lives at home and goes to community college)

Adult 1:
Wages: $10 per hour; 35 hours per week, evenings
Benefits: Health insurance offered but adult 1 opted out because it’s too expensive; 5 days vacation time, 7 days sick time
Adult 2:
Wages: receives Social Security Disability payments after injuring their back on the job, $700 per month
Family lives in a 2 bedroom apartment. There is no public transportation where they live.