Seeking OGHS Ambassadors! praiseHim.jpg

Join an amazing group of people who are excited about helping others, through sharing the ministry made possible by gifts to the OGHS offering.  In 2018, the suggested OGHS offering date is March 11.

As an One Great Hour of Sharing® (OGHS) Ambassador, You agree to:

  1.  Learn about the OGHS offering.
  2.  Promote the offering in your own congregation.
  3.  Connect the offering to ways your church is already responding to the needs of others.
  4.  Meet people beyond your own congregation.
  5.  Get involved in the wider church.
  6.  Work with UCC national staff.

Working with church leadership, we encourage OGHS Ambassadors to share information they learn about the offering during Lent, or near the time your congregation will receive the offering.

OGHS staff will provide a live 1-hour training event through Zoom Video Conference or other technology.This training will equip participants to promote OGHS in worship and among groups and individuals in their own congregation, and in neighboring congregations.

We will pair OGHS Ambassadors with congregations that suit the participants comfort level (i.e. giving UCC congregation or non-giving UCC congregation). OGHS staff will initiate contact with the other congregation(s) to arrange for an invitation for OGHS Ambassador to visit.

In addition, we will offer recognition of the work of the Ambassadors on the OGHS Facebook, Twitter Pages, and through possible news stories resulting from participation in the OGHS Ambassador initiative.

The OGHS Team is eager to assist you in planning your personal OGHS Ambassador strategy.  We can provide direction to make participation a breeze, as we provide tips for promotion, connect participants to the materials, share ideas, and help participants discover “their own why” for connecting with the wider church and world.

This experience is designed to get more people involved in the mission and interpretation of OGHS.

When we share our resources, including our voice, it really does change lives!

To register send an email to saying: Sign me up!

Thank You!