Giving & Generosity

Our Vision

To inspire donors, through purposeful engagement about the importance of philanthropy and stewardship within the UCC and its churches, to be active participants in transforming the world around us!

Our Mission

To create a culture of philanthropy that invites people to grow in generosity, in faith and in relationship with God and the United Church of Christ.

Our Core Values

• Purposeful teaching on the importance of the stewarding of all resources.

• Fostering trust with internal and external stakeholders.

• Modeling what it means to reimagine the gifts of God – lived out through joyful engagement, efficient management of resources, and excellent stewardship of relationships and resources – equipping others to serve, to ask, and to give.

Together, lets re-imagine the gifts of God.

Please call us with any questions concerning gifts you have made, gifts you would like to make, the impact of your gift in the life of the church, and other gift reporting. We encourage you to call on us as a resource for congregational giving, stewardship planning and education.

1300 E. 9th Street, Suite 1100
Cleveland, Ohio 44114