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Manual on Faith Community Nursing


"UCC Faith Community Nurse Network: Linking and Touching Lives for Healing and Wholeness."

An Informational Manual on Faith Community Nurse Ministry within the United Church of Christ. Revised 2015.


The UCC Faith Community Nurse Network and the Health Care Justice Program, Justice and Witness Ministries are pleased to provide this Informational Manual on Faith Community Nursing.

In addition to this manual, the Minister for Health Care Justice, or any of the Leadership Team of the UCC Faith Community Nurse Network is available as a personal resource for any congregation who currently has a program or is considering starting a program. Please refer to page 29 for contact information.

It is the hope of the UCC Faith Community Nurse Network that all UCC congregations, denomination-wide, address the General Synod XXI Resolution “Reclaiming the Church’s Ministry of Health and Healing” (1997) by developing an awareness of congregational health ministry and faith community nursing in order to implement aspects of wholistic caring for body, mind, and spirit into their ministries as appropriate to the needs of their congregations and the communities they serve.

The mission of health and human services belongs to the whole church – to all who have been called by God in Christ. The partners are many. Where the church is there is mission. Where the church is there are those who have been called to live “for the sake of others.” [United Church of Christ Mission Statement on Health and Human Services]

Health and Peace,
Alyson Breisch, MSN, RN
Faith Community Nurse
Chair, UCC Faith Community Nurse Network
Commissioned Minister of Congregational Health

Rev. Michael Schuenemeyer
Executive, Office for Health and Wholeness Advocacy
Executive Director, United Church of Christ AIDS Network (aka. UCAN)


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