Faith Practices

Faith Practices encompasses every setting in your congregation:

• Christian Education
• Workshop Rotation
• Worship, Music, Arts, & Story
• UCC Identity & History
• Living Practices in Daily Life

Here’s what Faith Practices gives your congregation

• 12 different faith practices to explore!
• 600+ activities per faith practice from which to choose!
• Accessible content that volunteers and professional educators will love.
• Non-linear activities that weave education into the full fabric of congregational life, including worship.

12 Faith Practices available for download by topic, age group, or purpose

Blessing and Letting Go
Encountering Scripture
Giving and Receiving Hospitality
Honoring the Body
Keeping Sabbath
Playing and Living Joyfully
Experiencing Beauty
Discovering Gifts of Ministry
Working for Justice
Giving Testimony and Witness
Praying and Making Ritual
Living Stewardship