Faith Practices

Revolutionize your congregation’s faith life by exploring spiritual practices.

Using distinctive practices of faith — such as “Keeping Sabbath” and “Playing and Living Joyfully” — Faith Practices is designed to invigorate worship, service and education in a congregation. Faith Practices‘ non-linear activities-based approach can be used with a wide variety of age groups or church settings. The role of the leader using Faith Practices is not to be an expert but to be a pilgrim guide, exploring spiritual practices alongside participants.

Practices in the Curriculum

Faith Practices is designed to be a “living curriculum” that can be used as a whole set or as individual components, exploring each spiritual practice through scripture, art and music, justice-focused service, discipleship conversations, and more. The twelve practices are:

  • Giving and Receiving Hospitality
  • Living Stewardship
  • Praying and Making Ritual
  • Playing and Living Joyfully
  • Keeping Sabbath
  • Giving Testimony and Witness
  • Encountering Scripture
  • Working for Justice
  • Experiencing Beauty
  • Discovering Gifts of Ministry
  • Honoring the Body
  • Blessing and Letting Go


The Pilgrim Press

Imagine: 12 spiritual practices. 12 age/focus groups. 100s of activities. What might your congregation do with such a resource?

Ways to Introduce Faith Practices

There are many fantastic ways to make Faith Practices work in your community. Think outside the box – there’s no wrong way!

  • Invite all those interested to meet at a coffee shop or café to engage Daily Life with the twelve practices.
  • Have your leadership choose a spiritual practice to engage together for one year. 
  • Use prayers and other worship ideas to inspire choir practices, mission activities, youth group gatherings, church workdays, and more.
  • Compile activity suggestions for use at home, and share them with every household in your community.
  • Use the “Living Stewardship” materials for a year to engage stewardship holistically and creatively as a faith community.
  • Pick a practice and use that resource to plan an all-church retreat or annual meeting.
  • Use the Scriptures from Faith Practices to plan Bible study sessions … for a group and/or for yourself.

Get started with Faith Practices today.

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