Facilitator Training Learning Modules

Sacred Conversations to End Racism Learning Modules are foundational for engaging on a life-long anti-racism journey. The learning modules guide SC2ER trainings, workshops, and teach-in opportunities. Only certified SC2ER facilitators are invited to contribute modules. Learning modules are updated annually.

Learning Modules

Module I

Transformative Internal Work

Pre-Human Existence and Mapping Human Migration

In A Beginning – The Cradle of Civilization

Deconstructing the Myth of Race

Dismantling White Supremacy

Eradicating Race Myths in Scripture

Learning Assessment and Cultural Competency Evaluation

Module II

Decenter Whiteness  Decolonizing Christianity

Faith Formation: A Self-Inventory for Bible Readers Part I & II

Reading the Bible from the Margins

Restorative Images of Jesus

Learning Assessment and Cultural Competency Evaluation

Module III

Deconstructing the Myth of Whiteness

Cultural Christologies, Theologies of Liberation, God of Cultures

Understanding White Fragility

What Does it Mean to White?

When Did Your Ancestors Become White?

Why Are You Holding on to White Privilege?

Learning Assessment and Cultural Competency Evaluation

Module IV

Advocacy, Activism, and Movement Making

Everyday Microaggressions in Life

Community Organizing, Civil Disobedience and Nonviolent Resistance

Black Lives Still Matter

Addressing Xenophobia and Global Racism

Showing Up For Racial Justice SURJ Training and Implementation Strategies

Strategies for Protest, Social, Economic, and Political Advocacy

Learning Assessment and Cultural Competency Evaluation

Module V

Restorative Healing and Self-Care

Addressing People of Color Trauma, Triggers & Anger

Healing the Body Mind Spirit

Restorative Practices and Community Healing

Healing Trauma and Self-care

Learning Assessment and Cultural Competency Evaluation

Module VI

Pandemic Preparedness

Restorative Healing and Self-Care in Times of Crisis

Addressing Xenophobia and Global Racism

Preparing a Pandemic Sermon

Liberation Theology in the 21st Century

Community Healing During a Crisis

Racism and Politics in the 21st Century

Sustaining Virtual Churches

Facilitator Testimonial

​​Sacred Conversations to End Racism skillfully builds a common analysis and shared vocabulary for people of faith to dismantle racism in our hearts, our churches, and the wider world. SC2ER moves beyond content to suggest both in praxis and design that this sacred work can only be done in community. By immersing the learner (and we all are continually learning) within a cohort community that spans geography, age, and gender, sexual, and racial identities, we discover the heart of this work–deep listening and collaborative labor in the context of relationships of accountability. Dr. Velda Love is transforming the work of racial justice in the United Church of Christ, inviting us to join this sacred journey together. It is not easy work or a journey that can be made half-heartedly. Rather it is the lens through which our study of scripture, our understanding of God and one another is made new. I highly recommend Sacred Conversations to End Racism.

Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss

Facilitator Testimonial

​​“It is difficult to express how this SC2ER study has affected me in terms of my personal, spiritual, psychological being. To be clear, it is the most difficult course of study in which I have ever participated. And in all of these areas, it has been the most liberating. Sacred Conversations is an unprecedented invitation to be part of a transformative vision whose goal it is to eradicate racism. Through in depth study into the historical myths of race, one is called upon to examine all implicit and explicit beliefs about what one thinks they know, in order to truly grasp the gross and immoral impact racism has had, and continues to have, on every system in this country. This study requires commitment to study, a listening heart, a desire to share what you’ve learned and an immense amount of humility. I promise you will never be the same.” 

Rev. Clare Twomey, Senior Pastor, Vista Grande Community Church UCC, Nurturing Justice, Colorado Springs, CO

SC2ER Ongoing Education and Training

  1. Invite others to participate with SC2ER groups
  2. Become a SC2ER UCC Racial Justice Church
  3. Create faith-based equity models for church and society
  4. Develop racial justice campaigns and cultural literacy workshops
  5. Incorporate “Immersions into Culture” Congregational initiatives seeking to learn from, listen to, and study culturally diverse histories and narratives
  6. Initiate and cultivate relationships with national and local activists and organizers, scholars, theologians, and clergypersons of non-European descent

Questions? Contact UCC.

Rev. Dr. Velda Love
Minister for Racial Justice
(216) 736-3719