Prayer to the God of Love, Relationship and Community

One: God of Love, God of Relationship,

All:  God of Community,

One: When you created the world, you said, “Let Us…”

All:   You modeled how to be, and who to be, together.

One:  Your Holy Spirit was there:

All:   The life-giving “wind from God.”

One: Your Wisdom was there:

All:  “Delighting” in all the diversity of creation.

One: You are one,

All:   You are many.

One:  You are unity,

All:   You are community.

One: You are “Us.”

         Teach us to value your image of relationship.

All:   Teach us to act in your image of community.

One:  Re-create in us your “Us” image.

All:   Let us create a safe space for shared existence and dialogue,

One:  For hearing and being heard.

All:   Let us create a safe space for considering the issues,

One:  And for casting votes.

All:   Let there be light.

One:  The light of access to, and for, all.

All:  Let us seek You out:  In each other. For each other. In Community.


Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Weidmann, Senior Minister
Hillcrest Congregational Church UCC
Pleasant Hill, CA
June 2011