United Black Christians

UBC represents lay and clergy persons who faithfully minister in more than 278 predominately African American congregations of the United Church of Christ and those African American members in congregations that are not predominately African American.

UBC seeks to preserve our tradition as a people of faith and hope. UBC recognizes that it is the Black Church that has meant survival for African Americans on these shores. UBC affirms that it is the Black Church that will assure our continued growth, development, endurance and ultimate liberation.

UBC affirms that each of us has gifts to offer and is entitled to the full rights and privileges of the United Church of Christ.

“Remembering Our Way Into the Future”  ~ Zechariah 8:4-8

United Black Christians (UBC) is an officially recognized special interest group of the United Church of Christ (UCC), providing voice and vision for more than 70,000 African Americans.

United Black Christians seeks to:

Provide voice for the African American members of the United Church of Christ
To strengthen Black churches in the UCC
To train and nurture leaders of our churches for Gospel  inspired service to the Black community
To provide relevant ministry for our youth and young adults
To empower the laity for present day ministry
To create ecumenical and world wide partnership for service and evangelism
To be active advocates for liberation and racial justice at home and abroad.
To provide spiritual nurture for our members
To enhance clergy-lay ministry partnership
To provide support to African American Seminarians

National and Regional Intergenerational Leadership Development Events
Annual Anniversary Stewardship Campaign
General Synod Participation
And Much More…

Intergenerational Leadership Development
Intentional Seeding of UCC New Church Starts
Collaboration with the Council of  Conference Ministers
Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Monitoring Affirmative Action in the UCC

Strategic Plan
Leadership Development
Black Church Summit: Focus on Black Poverty
Economic Development
Local Church Development and Evangelism
Prophetic Witness

The Good News

UBC provides intergenerational leadership in all settings of the United Church of Christ
UBC is a resource for local church ministry
UBC provides opportunities for seminarians, youth and young adults

United Black Christians
Phone: (216)736-4736
E-mail: UnitedBlackChristians@gmail.com