Florida – UCC Response – Matthew and Irma


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image001damagedhouse.jpgIn October 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused widespread devastation in the southeastern United States. In Volusia County, Fla., alone, there were more than 17,550 FEMA registrants. More than 6,000 of those were homeowners who failed the income test and/or are disabled, and either uninsured or underinsured. 

Volusia Interfaiths/Agencies Networking in Disaster (VIND) undertook to serve 58 homes with repair/rebuild. Most of the homes require both roof repair or replacement and interior damages. Many of the homes were further damaged by Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017.

The UCC’s Response

  • During summer 2018, UCC Disaster Ministries sent $50,000 more to VIND for continued employment of a construction supervisor for the long-term recovery.
  • In January 2018, UCC Disaster Ministries sent an additional $50,000 to VIND to help meet clients’ unmet needs.
  • UCC Disaster Ministries granted $100,000 to Volusia Interfaiths/Agencies Networking in Disasters to support VIND’s work to help repair/rebuild homes damaged by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, including hiring of a construction supervisor. David Heald, Northern Regional Disaster Coordinator for the UCC’s Florida Conference, serves as VIND’s operations manager.
  • UCC Disaster Ministries identified and established volunteer opportunities for repairing Irma-affected homes.
  • $1,500 solidarity/emergency grant to the Miami Shores Community Church, UCC which supported the purchase of a generator, fuel, gas stoves for community cooking, and purchasing and distributing ice.
  • A $3,000 solidarity grant for the Naples, Fla., United Church of Christ to assist with expenses related to the nursery school.

Ways to Help

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