Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disaster

Emotional and Spiritual Care Team forms with disaster-focused resources to share

Under the Recovering Hope theme, Global H.O.P.E.’s Disaster Ministries is embarking on care for the caregiver through a “Disaster Ministries Emotional and Spiritual Care Team.” Designed for the United Church of Christ and its partners, the team invites you to join as a participant, advisor or team member.

The focus of the Team’s emerging Concept Paper is on addressing the emotional toll that an increase in disasters, including the COVID-19 pandemic, has caused millions of people in a limited amount of time. The impact on people can be devastating, whether they’ve experienced fires, floods, hurricanes or pandemic first hand or through the loss of loved ones, church, community or livelihoods.

Beginning in Spring 2021, the Disaster Ministries Emotional and Spiritual Care Team has been meeting every other week to develop a solid foundation and define the role and purpose of providing emotional and spiritual care in communities impacted by disaster, whether natural, human caused, biological or technological.

Dependence on pastors and other church leaders has increased astronomically and is causing high levels of stress as they must navigate their own personal and familial situations while bearing the weight of others who are looking to them for support. The incidents of suicide, domestic violence and church losses have risen.

This effort builds a network of caring, experienced leaders who are ready to extend support when a break for self-care and time for recovery is needed. The Team will offer Self-Care Webinars, Trauma Retreats, Disaster Deployable staff, and Listening Sessions and consolidate important self-help resources for your easy access.

The E&S website is designed to provide a one-stop gathering of resources that may provide relief related to stress caused by all types of disasters.  Please let us know what might be helpful to you. To request assistance contact Minister for Disaster Response and Recovery Lesli Remaly remalyl@ucc.org

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