Democratic Republic of Congo Refugees Fleeing

A large influx of Democratic Republic of Congo RefugeesCongo_children.jpg

The Act Alliance of Uganda along with the help of LWF and Finn Church Aid is planning on submitting a funding proposal to provide water facilities, shelter kits and non food-items to ensure that the refugee’s needs are met within humanitarian standards.

“11,435 Congolese new arrivals have been received in Uganda since 1st December 2017. The largest majority entered through Nteko and Bunagana border points in Kisoro with smaller numbers crossing through Ishasha, Kyeshero and Butogta border points in Kanungu, Mpondwe in Kasese and Lake Albert in Bulisa district.”

World Church Service estimates “that in the DRC, 4.3 million people are displaced throughout the country and 13.1 million people will be in need of humanitarian assistance throughout the country this year.”

For more information on this from ACT Alliance and World Council of Churches click links. 

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