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Sweat, Mess and Prep Cooks

Matt Fitzgerald

Our dentist is next to Alinia, the sixth best restaurant in the world.

A House for the Homeless Messiah

Molly Baskette

I've moved to a new metropolis recently. 


Quinn G. Caldwell

Every once in a while, some well-meaning person of goodwill will refer to my son's birth parents as his "real" parents.

Are You the One?

Vince Amlin

Over the last few years, Christmas has gotten political.


Mary Luti

Waiting is the hallmark of Advent, yet the Advent psalms and prophets speak more about longing than waiting.

Preaching to the Choir

John Edgerton

The Psalms often have signature lines at the top, things like "a psalm of David" or "a song of ascents."

"Pant" for God?

Kaji Douša

You've got this.

I and Thou

Donna Schaper

Are the rich an I or a Thou?

The Someones

Jennifer Brownell

In the grocery line, a magazine cover catches my eye. Someone Beautiful is leaving Someone Glamorous to begin a relationship with Someone Powerful.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Are you prepared for a world without bacon?