United Church of Christ

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Mary Luti

Is God enough? Yes, and we could use a new rug for the den. Isn't God all we desire? Yes, and don't you just love the new spring green Kitchen Aid mixer?

Thrice Removed

Matt Laney

When it comes to revealing God, words - even the Bible's words - sometimes fail us. Churches do too.

The Unity in the United Church of Christ

Donna Schaper

When history is written – especially about the UNITED Church of Christ – it will be very important to remember all the steps along the way.

Where Are You?

Matt Fitzgerald

Perhaps God doesn't have power in the crude way our fallen minds define the word.

A "Grown Folks’ Conversation"

Kenneth L. Samuel

As a young boy, I would often watch my mother conversing with friends and relatives.  Every now and then, she would turn to me and say: "This is a grown folks’ conversation."  That was my directive to leave the room. 

Choir Shoes

John Edgerton

Since becoming a minister I've learned something that those of you who sit in the pews might not have known.

Chipping Ice

Donna Schaper

Chipping ice has long been one of my favorite definitions of ministry. 

Sing A New Song

Kenneth L. Samuel

Every generation is afforded a fresh look at the wondrous acts and amazing grace of Almighty God.

Some Things Just Are

Mary Luti

Seeing God everywhere is just as idolatrous as not seeing God anywhere. To be fully human is to accept that life is a mix of things charged with purpose and things that are random.

The Ecstatic Truth

Matt Fitzgerald

We need more than facts. We need the truth that beats like a heartbeat beneath every fact, the truth that no proof can grasp.