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The City Was as Beautiful as a Singing Orchard

Matt Fitzgerald

In Chicago, orchards don't sing, but things do get flung into praise.

Socks and Stove Knobs

Donna Schaper

The scriptures are often extravagant in their promises.  My cat and my dog don't even always get along – how can animals that like to eat each other lie peacefully together? 


Tony Robinson

Dolores knew affliction, perplexity, persecution, and being laid low. Which also meant she had every reason to given up on faith, even life. She never did.

And in a supporting role . . .

Richard L. Floyd

We don't know much about the prophet Hulda . . . but we do know that a bunch of powerful men in a patriarchal age came to her for guidance about the ways of God.

To Seek with Heart and Soul

Talitha Arnold

Sometimes confirmands are not ready to confirm their faith.  That's OK.

Still Life Goes On

Kaji Douša

God, help us to bear good fruit.

Song of Peace

Jennifer Garrsion Brownell

The hum of war is a persistent earworm that you can hear, it seems, wherever you go.

Change Happens

Lillian Daniel

There is no one who can't use more of what this scripture has to offer.

The Badge of Busyness

Matthew Laney

Of all the commandments, keeping Sabbath is the most counter-intuitive.

Easter Eggs

Vince Amlin

I can still conjure up the feeling of being a kid on Easter morning, the magic of waking up to a world transformed.