You’d Better Know God for Yourself

Excerpt from 1 Samuel 28:3-19

“Now Samuel was dead.”  (NIV)

Reflection by Ron Buford

The great prophet Samuel had been Saul’s connection with God. When Samuel died, Saul’s connection with God…died with Samuel.

Now what?

Rather than trying to develop his relationship with God, Saul instead seeks out a medium to call Samuel’s spirit from the dead. Saul wants information but does not value having a relationship himself with God, the source of all knowledge. God does not turn away from Saul. Saul turns away from God, as one turns to an adulterous lover.

God’s relationship with Israel, though harmed, does not die with Saul’s unfaithfulness. God chooses another leader. Godly leadership is not bound to personality or title, but to the intense hunger in the heart of the leader for an intimate relationship with God…a hunger nothing else can satisfy—for us or for God.

The power in life is the Presence of God.

Therefore, let us approach the Stillspeaking God with unrelenting desire, trusting God and letting go. For just as sure as the laws of gravity or physics…as we draw close to God, God draws close to us. It is a great mystery.


Gracious God, may we desire nothing more in this life than you and out of that relationship may we seek and find our true purpose in life and direction. Amen.

About the Author
Ron Buford is Director of Development for the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.