Use of Sense

Take notice, you senseless ones among the people… Does he who fashioned the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not see? – Psalm 94:8-9 (NIV)

My favorite superhero is Spiderman. One of the things I like most about Spiderman is his spider-sense. Originating as a tingling feeling in the back of his skull, spider-sense gives Spiderman the amazing ability to sense imminent danger, and thereby take preemptive action to avoid or rectify calamity. Even under normal conditions, spider-sense enables Spiderman to navigate darkened rooms, instinctively avoiding obstacles and hazards.

Spiders themselves are equipped with amazing sensory organs. They sense the slightest movement or vibration through hairs and tiny slits distributed over much of their body. A spider’s sensitivity to threat and danger is finely tuned.

But we don’t have to be superheroes or spiders to sense when something is wrong. God created us with sensitive capabilities to see and to have insight; to hear and to listen; to react and to be proactive. Much of the peril in which we find ourselves is due to our lack of sensitivity to what is imminently looming in our very presence.

We often ignore the signs of danger along the road of our pursuits. We preoccupy ourselves with business as usual while we fail to pay attention to the handwriting on the wall.

The crying of an infant is a sign that something is not right. But in certain impoverished countries, suffering infants stop crying and suffer in silence, because they sense that no one around them has the capability or the sensitivity to relieve their suffering.

Our greatest human tragedy may well be the numbing of our God-given sensitivities.

God, let me notice through your eyes… Let me pay attention through your ears…. Let me love with your heart. Amen.

ddkensamuel2012.jpgAbout the Author
Kenneth L. Samuel is Pastor of Victory for the World Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.