“Praise the LORD from the heavens; praise the LORD in the heights!” – Psalm 148:1

Let the sun and moon beam with pride: God has come!

Let the sea monsters and stormy winds howl with the wildness of it: God has come!

Let those who have been weary dance the good news
and those whose throats have been parched sing it together:
God has come!

Let mighty rulers learn of it from their poorest citizens: God is with us!

Let the youngest and eldest prophesy it together: God is with us!

Let the mountains and rivers testify to it
and all the wildlife be satisfied in it:
God is with us!

Let the song be as high as the shining stars: God is faithful!
Let the shout be as thunderous as an earthquake: God is faithful!

Let the reassurance be as sweet as a lullaby
and the hope as delicious as a daydream:
God is faithful!


Have I not yet heard the song of the universe in my heart, O God? Have I missed the delight of creation in the very cells of my skin, O Spirit? Keep me quick with praise and awake to joy!

dd-hackenberg.jpgAbout the Author
Rachel Hackenberg serves on the national staff for the United Church of Christ. She is the author of Writing to God and Sacred Pause, among other titles. Her blog is Faith and Water.