Relax, It’s Saturday

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24 (NRSV)

How long is your “to do” list for this Saturday? What does your schedule look like? What games are you driving people to? What errands do you have to do? Is Saturday the day you complete all that non-work related work that it takes to manage a household? Or maybe you work on Saturdays, because you are scheduled to, or because the work from the week has simply overflowed into your weekend. What do you have to do today?

Now, what would you like to do with this Saturday? What is the weather like outside? Who are you with? Who might you like to be in touch with? What intriguing books lie around the house waiting to be cracked open? What would make you laugh? What would you do with this day if you could do anything?

It would be easy to tell you to simply go out and do what brings you joy. But I live in the real world right along with you. I know that there may be people counting on you today to do the things you might prefer not to do. There might be a paycheck depending on it. There might be good reasons to work on this day, whether the work is paid or unpaid.

But there may also be some items on that “to do” lost that are not essential. They may just be there because you are so used to adding to that list, that one more thing seems to be no big deal. For some of us, Saturdays, which used to be a break from work, have become our busiest days.

Could this be a moment to examine the way you spend your time? To remember a lazy childhood Saturday when the hours stretched out as possibilities, languorous and unscheduled?

I remember those days. Would it be the worst thing in the world to curl up in a blanket with a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons? 

This is the Lord’s day. Enjoy it. 


Thank you for this day, dear God, and allow me to rejoice in it, whatever it may hold. Amen.

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