It’s Not All Up to You

“In vain you get up earlier, and put off going to bed … since he provides for his beloved as they sleep.” – Psalm 127:2 (NJB)

The intriguing line is the last: “Since God provides for his beloved as they sleep.”

It means that even if we aren’t doing something, it doesn’t mean that nothing is being done. There are powers at work that are not our own. 

I went to a retreat center run by a couple of mostly retired Maryknoll sisters. On arrival, Sister Katherine gave me my Scripture passage for praying and meditating on that afternoon. As I lugged my bag down the hall to my room, she cheerfully called out, “Oh, and if you fall asleep, that’s all right, you’re probably exhausted.”

As someone who is little over inclined to try to get things “right,” her afterthought was a welcome blessing. 

So I prayed the given Scripture passage, silently and aloud, and then drifted to sleep. 

Sometimes our not doing allows something to be done for us and in us that is far more wonderful than we might accomplish on our own, with our striving and worry.

Even if we are not active, that doesn’t mean that nothing is being done. God is providing “for his beloved as they sleep.” Trust this. And sweet dreams.


Grant to the weary, rest; to the anxious, calm; to the frightened, courage. And to all a good sleep. Amen.

ddrobinson.jpgAbout the Author
Tony Robinson, a United Church of Christ minister, is a speaker, teacher, and writer. He is the author of many books, including What’s Theology Got to Do With It: Convictions, Vitality and the Church. You can read Tony’s “Weekly Meditation” and “What’s Tony Thinking?” at his website,