Hidden in Plain Sight

“Your eyes have seen every great act that God did…” – Deuteronomy 11: 7

In 1940, the entrance to the ancient French Lascaux Cave was discovered by 18-year-old Marcel Ravidat.  It had been hidden for centuries, there but invisible to the human eye.

Ravidat returned to the scene with three friends and entered the cave via a long shaft. The teenagers discovered that the cave walls were covered with depictions of animals.  So much is hidden in plain sight, including the mighty deeds of the Almighty.

The cave complex was re-opened to the public in 1948 and then had to close again due to human traffic, heat and humidity damaging the drawings.  Now they are fully digitalized.   You can visit the great art that God had people do without going through a shaft.  Technology is almost as awe-inspiring as “primitives.”

The Deuteronomy text rediscovers the great acts of Exodus in the way that the teens discovered ancient hidden art.  God brought the Israelites out of Egypt.  The teens brought the art out of the cave.  What mighty act did we see today?  On a computer?  On the street?  At our kitchen table?  No matter what we do today or tomorrow, let’s be sure not to miss any great act hidden in plain sight.

Do you think of your church building as a problem?  Why not see it as an opportunity?

Do you see your marriage or partnership as flawed?  Go deeper into the flaws as a way to experience artistic or Egyptian awe. What about that boss you have?  The one inside you who is always blaming you.  How about firing her or him?  So many great acts of God are hidden in plain sight.


Open our eyes, O God, and first open our hearts to your promise of splendor.

ddauthordonnaschaper.jpgAbout the Author
Donna Schaper is Senior Minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. Her most recent book is I Heart Frances: Letters to the Pope from an Unlikely Admirer.