Here I Am!

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

My office is in a building open to the public (the church) and my door is open to all. I am disciplined to complete tasks for each day, in fact, I’m rather high-energy. However, often at the end of the day, it’s surprising to tally the endless telephone calls and emails, the number of congregants who stop by, unscheduled meetings, rehearsals/services, and the issues that need to be addressed immediately. 

A musician’s passion is to create music. No one told me in college or graduate school that just being present was important in a church position or actually, in any work place. As a young musician, I had assumed to be successful one needed to go to an outstanding college, earn advanced degrees, practice endless hours, prepare for rehearsals, attend conventions to stay updated, and continue with enthusiasm to do a job well. 

What was missed is the most important thing: to be present for God and with God. When this realization occurred, I scheduled quiet times to be present with God, I began a daily practice to be present with scriptures, and I enjoyed silence to know the presence of God’s love. These keep me present through all the busyness. This presence is my music from God.

It is my desire that a smile, a listening ear, a conversation, and/or a choir rehearsal bring God’s presence to those who come my way. What an honor to serve in the moment; what a joy to walk closer with God in the present.


Dear God: help us to know your presence in all walks of life. Amen.

dd-JoDavis.jpg About the Author
Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis is the Director of Music Ministries at The Congregational Church in New Canaan, Connecticut and President of the UCC Musicians Association.