God, is it Ever Going to Happen?

“O Sovereign Lord, how can I be sure that I will actually possess it?” – Genesis 15:8

None of us like to admit it, but the struggle is real! We people of faith are rocked by the continuous onslaught of injustices. So much so that sometimes, we question our own faith in God. We love Jesus and believe deeply in him. We earnestly press toward Jesus’ promised restoration of justice, when all things will be made right. But for Christ’s sake, when we look at things today, we can’t help but wonder, “When, Lord Jesus, when? Is it ever going to happen?”

Abram was 75, promised by God to be the “father of a nation,” yet he and Sarai had not one child of their own and were way too old to expect one. Undeterred by the evidence, Abram continued to believe God would grant him offspring. Impressed with this uncanny faith, God reminded Abram of God’s promise to give him new land. Abram’s question in Genesis 15:8 was like saying, “God, you’re late on one promise, and I still have faith in you. You want me to believe you for another one?”

In that moment of blessedness and insecurity, Abram proved that like walking and chewing gum, you can have faith and doubt at the same time. Faith in God is not a guarantee against human doubt. Doubt is not strong enough to break covenantal faith.


Gracious One, thank you for your faithfulness toward us, your feeble creation. Thank you for Jesus, who despite our sin and doubt, gave his life for us. Thank you for ignoring our waywardness, accepting our tiny seeds of faith, taking it and growing it into sweet fruit.

About the Author
Patrick Duggan contributed this devotional to Rise Up! Spirituality for Resistance, a collection of devotionals to keep you burning bright without burning out, whether you’re leading a justice effort at church or heading out to join a local protest. You can order Rise Up! from UCC Resources.