Cat Brains

Jesus said, ” When you pray say, ‘Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done …'” 

Ever notice the way cats can seem to treat their owners as if their owners exist to solely fulfill their cat desires? 

Are we not the same when we ask, “If God is good, then why? … (fill in the blank.) “

Do we consider that such questions may come from the same ridiculously limited and primitive place as your cat’s?

What if we are all the dynamic, sophisticated, highly – developed ingredients in the continuous process that is God’s ongoing creation —unfolding before our very eyes? 

What if we are too distracted by life’s catnip and laser lights to contemplate our best supporting role and function in shaping God’s promised positive destiny for earth, humanity, and community —the  Kingdom of God? 

What if  sickness, death, tyranny, and injustice remain only because our critical work remains unfinished according to the design in God’s mind?

What would the world look like if we weren’t so distracted?


Gracious God, Help us to fulfill our role of discovery and action in the billions of ways each of us is uniquely qualified to nurture some aspect of God’s ongoing creation for the limited time we get the chance, and . . . until the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of God’s design, Amen!

ddauthorronbuford.jpgAbout the Author
Ron Buford is the Pastor of the Congregational Community Church of Sunnyvale, UCC, Sunnyvale, California.