June 2019

Dear Committees on Ministry,

This month, MESA is finalizing preparations for General Synod 32 in Milwaukee, WI. Later this week, people from all over the United Church of Christ (and some ecumenical guests!) will gather in the Wisconsin Center to build community, to worship together in the presence of God, to pray and make decisions that speak to the United Church of Christ (but not for it), and to celebrate all that God is doing in our midst. This year there will be a street fair, several optional dining events, fantastic worship, and a fair amount of business. In addition to resolutions and pronouncements, delegates will also re-elect our General Minister and President (the Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer) and elect an Associate General Minister (the Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson).

As always, General Synod is an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones and to be a unique expression of the Church. Please pray for delegates, visitors, and staff to this important gathering.

MESA will host several events that may be of interest to Committee on Ministry members or others:

  • Member in Discernment Breakfast – Friday, June 21, 9:00am in the Wisconsin Conference Center Room 203-C. MIDs are requested to register here; there is no cost to attend.

  • Optional Dining Event: Chaplains’ Luncheon – Sunday, June 23 11:30am in the Wisconsin Conference Center, Room 201-A. Purchase tickets by contacting Stephen Boyd at boyds@ucc.org.

  • Search and Call Fair – Sunday, June 23 6:00pm in the Wisconsin Center Ballroom B. This event is open to Members in Discernment, authorized ministers, and current conference staff.

  • Committee on Ministry Ice Cream Social – Sunday, June 23 7:30pm at the Street Fair. Find us for ice cream sandwiches and a celebration of the new Manual on Ministry!

  • Antoinette Brown Society Reception – Monday, June 24 5:30pm in the Wisconsin Center Room 201-B. Join us for a light reception and cash bar as we celebrate the 2019 Antoinette Brown Awardees.

  • Member in Discernment Hospitality Time – Monday, June 24 9:00pm in the JLCM Suite at the Hilton Hotel. This event is open to Members in Discernment, to reflect on their experience of Synod, to enjoy some hospitality, and to just relax.

Questions for Reflection:

Who on your committee is going to Synod? What do you want to learn from delegates, visitors, and other attendees? If you are going to Synod, what are you most looking forward to experiencing? How can you bring some of General Synod “home” to your churches and your COM?

Other COM News:
The MESA Team is hard at work finalizing Section 3 Resources for the Manual on Ministry. Each month, we will use this newsletter to inform you of uploaded resources available at the Manual on Ministry page. Access these materials from the website as needed; over time they will be updated periodically, with most recent revisions noted at the bottom of the document. Current resources have a blue stained glass banner and are easily identified as Section 3 Resources.

The MESA Team is dedicated to supporting your vital COM work through regular trainings offered online. Please check this site regularly for updates. MESA will host several sessions introducing the new Manual on Ministry to the Church in 2019. This year, we are requiring advance registration, so click the link at least one hour in advance of the training (but as early as desired). Here are some upcoming trainings, keeping in mind that MESA will not offer trainings in June because of General Synod:

  • July 11, 2:00 – 3:30pm ET MID Process with Rev. Dr. Renee Jackson. Come to this webinar to understand the key roles of Discernment Partners and the steps in the Member in Discernment process.
  • July 30, 2:00 – 4:00pm Fitness Review/Response Team Training with Rev. Elizabeth Dilley. This training provides an overview of the Fitness Review Process, with an emphasis on the role of the Response Team.

See you at Synod!

In joy,

The Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization (MESA) Ministry Team

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