June 2017

Dear Committee on Ministry colleagues,

In a few short days, delegates and visitors from all over the country will join ecumenical guests from all over the world, national staff and the United Church of Christ Board in Baltimore, MD for the 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ.
People attend Synod for many reasons. Lay and clergy delegates who have been elected by their conferences gather to discern the will of the Holy Spirit for the United Church of Christ through the consideration of General Synod resolutions. Visitors gather to witness the beauty of outstanding worship, vibrant keynote presenters, and honest (if sometimes heated) discussions. Ecumenical partners gather to express their denominations’ commitments to relationship with the United Church of Christ. Every Synod participant contributes to the diversity and unity of Christ’s church.
And, of course, there is swag! The Exhibit Hall is full of national staff, covenantal partners, and vendors who are eager to share their stories and their ministries with all Synod attendees. If you are coming to Synod, please stop by the Local Church Ministries’ exhibit to say hello to the MESA Team and to collect a unique nativity gift!
How many of your COM members have attended a General Synod? How does General Synod reaffirm your commitment to the work of authorization and oversight not only on behalf of your association or conference, but for the sake of the whole church?
Other MESA News

Registration is open for the Regional AM21 events being held this fall for all who are interested in discussing the drafted Manual on Ministry: http://events.uccpages.org/am21.html. If you’ve not yet attended, we look forward to seeing you in Boston (September 8-9), Denver (September 21-22) or Philadelphia (September 21-22).
The MESA Team is dedicated to supporting your essential work of ministerial authorization and oversight through regular 90-minute trainings offered online via Zoom. This month , explore the Role of the Registrar on July 13 at 7:00 – 8:30pm ET; on July 18 at 7:00 – 8:30pm ET, review the Member in Discernment Process. Each training is hosted by a member of the MESA Team, with space on Zoom for up to 50 participants. No registration is required; simply scroll through the list of online trainings posted at http://www.ucc.org/ministers_committees-on-ministry and click on the title of the training you want to attend at the time it is scheduled to start.
Blessings to you as summer begins!
In Peace,

Elizabeth Dilley
Minister for Ministers in Local Churches
Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization (MESA) Team
Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christt

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