United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for September 2017

Reynoso, Randy R., 9/2/2017
Frears, Robert C., 8/28/2017
Faulstich, John O., 8/31/2017
Moore, Jerry, 8/22/2017
Nixon, Frederick L., 5/4/2015
Walburn, Myles H., 8/26/2017
Pohl, Roger N., 8/20/2017
Bertram, Malcom, 8/30/2017
Molloy, Ward B., 9/8/2017
Shontz Jr., Wayne K., 9/15/2017
Martin, Robert, 9/12/2017
Felder, Gregory W., 9/24/2017
Olsen, Clarion H., 9/23/2017
Fenby, Robert F., 9/24/2017
Filkins, Jeffrey E., 9/19/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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