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Clergy Deaths for September 2016

Hougen, Edward, 8/29/2016
Foose, William, 4/30/2016
Graham, William B., 8/24/2016
Roehl, David D., 8/31/2016
Roman, Alfonzo, 6/4/2016
Hajarian, Ronald C., 9/9/2016
Racz, Ernest B., 7/8/2016
Swanson, Robert O., 8/23/2016
Ingle, Richard, 9/10/2016
Taylor, James, 9/10/2016
Alberto Filomeno, 9/11/2016
Brueseke, Richard S., 8/31/2016
Murphy, Aubrey L., 8/30/2016
Goba, Bonga, 9/21/2016
Pyle, Conard G., 9/21/2016
Molnar, August J., 8/30/2016
Stratemeyer, Arthur R., 9/29/2016
Greenwood, Richard, 9/17/2016
Parker, James L., 9/27/2016
Gminder, Albert B., 9/28/2016

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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