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Clergy Deaths reported between September 6 - October 10, 2019

Edwin O. Ayala, 9/23/2019
Clifford Bollenbacher, 8/10/2019
Paul C. Clayton, 9/23/2019
John R. Crowe, 9/15/2019
David R. Crowle, 9/9/2019
David W. Cutting, 9/2/2019
Robert W. Edgarton, 9/12/2019
John R. Flotron, 9/18/2019
T.W. Foster, 9/3/2019
Royal Bricker Gibson, 9/1/2019
Daniel E. Hinckley, 9/21/2019
Paul N. Marsteller, 8/31/2019
Gary W. Meade, 7/13/2019
Olga A. Myers, 9/28/2019
Glenn A. Nowack, 9/21/2019
James W. Rabb, 9/17/2019
John A. Rawlings, 9/5/2019
Kenneth E. Roach, 9/10/2019
Harold L. Rucker, 9/3/2019
H.A. Tadgell, 7/23/2019
Catherine Rees Vincent, 9/6/2019
Alton L. Wagner, 8/31/2019
Henry G. Wyman, 9/21/2019

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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